What is cloud migration – technology and best tools

When we refer to the data of a certain company, there are many people who think of a large server located in a room of the company. But this is a thing of the past. With the Internet as the main axis, parallel to the development of new technologies, more and more companies are choosing cloud migration.

Most companies are storing and calculating their data on their own local or traditional data center platforms. And the introduction of cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Computing and more; Companies started moving or moving data, applications, and other business elements to cloud computing platforms or environments. Therefore, cloud migration can be defined as the migration of data from traditional platforms to cloud computing platform companies.

First local data center for cloud computing platforms.

It can be a local to public cloud migration model, in which companies can move their data and applications from the cloud to their local data centers such as AWS or public cloud like Google.

Cloud to cloud migration

Another model is the migration from cloud to cloud, where the company’s data is already in the cloud and for this reason it is moving to another.

Cloud Migration or Declare Declaration

In this technology, companies returned their data and applications from the public cloud to their local data center. The reason for doing this may be security, cost, privacy, data sensitivity etc.

Benefits of cloud migration

Below, we list the benefits of using cloud migration services.

Low cost: In the absence of initial outlay for installation, configuration, system maintenance, etc., you will pay for what you actually use.
Storage: A physical device is no longer needed. Now storage is done in a virtual location.
Greater efficiency and productivity: allows you to focus solely on work in addition to the use of collaborative tools that boost productivity.
Data Exchange: Data stored in the cloud is easy to exchange.
Data Security: You can choose which user or users have access to the data.
Backup: Migration to the cloud allows backup copies of stored data.

5 important cloud migration tools

Do you plan to transfer your data from local data centers to the cloud? Or you are already in the cloud and are planning to switch to another cloud provider, and then you should look for a cloud migration tool.

To reduce the cost of maintaining the internal infrastructure of the internal data center, companies are now moving to the cloud; It is robust, scalable, and companies do not require physical maintenance to store their data.

However, in general, companies go back to talking about data migration to the cloud due to the complex structures of their applications and downtime. In such a case, cloud migration services can be very useful and, if you are an IT professional and are already familiar with the process and complexity of cloud migration, tools are always a great help.

The available enterprise cloud migration tools are free or paid. There are various public cloud companies that provide free cloud migration tools to easily transfer data to reduce the cost of migration. Although these are expensive if you want to stop at personal cloud migration services, remember that they are professional in their tasks and greatly reduce migration chaos.

If you are not thinking of a multi-cloud migration strategy and have opted for a single public cloud provider, free cloud migration tools provide great benefits in reducing the cost of migration. Some public cloud providers also provide tools that you can use to transfer data if you have large amounts of data to migrate; In addition, the transfer speed of these devices is faster than a public Internet connection.

Except for the type of data complexity you have and the cloud migration strategy you are going to choose; Here we leave with a list of cloud migration tools that, in some way, definitely help you automate the migration process in the cloud.

AWS Database Migration Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a very secure cloud service platform. AWS is the safest way to save cloud data, run applications, and provision a wide variety of cloud computing resources. AWS cloud migration is the process of moving current computer systems within the AWS cloud.

This may include moving your current company data center to the AWS cloud, creating new application architectures with AWS, or even moving some of the organization’s systems to the cloud while leaving others in the current environment.

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