How to secure your Windows PC

With the increasing threat to cyber security, it becomes necessary for the user to take all preventive measures to protect data security from harm. This includes making behavior changes while online, using built-in security utilities and features, trying third-party security tools, and more.

In this article, we have discussed several ways to help you secure your Windows PC in the most efficient way.

Use strong password

Using a strong password instead of a PIN is a good security measure that you can follow. Here, you can make this change under the sign-in option in Settings. We suggest that you create at least 8 characters long alpha-numeric passwords for better security. Your password must contain letters, numbers and special characters for a strong password.

To create a strong password, you can also try using the best password manager tool. These tools help you to create strong passwords for many of your accounts. Creating strong passwords will also serve as a strong identity theft protection feature for comprehensive security.

Create local account

When you use a Microsoft account with all privileges there is a high probability that it can be misused or exploited. For example, you have mistakenly installed a malicious application. Now that app has spread malicious content on your device and tries to control your important settings through your admin account.

In the second example, it is possible that someone breaks your password in some way and is now able to make any changes that they need. Thus, it is best to use a local account with the necessary permissions instead of an administrator account with all privileges. To make this change, go to Settings> Accounts> Sign in instead of Local account.

Avoid open network

Open networks like Open or Free Wi-Fi bring a lot of security challenges. Although free Wi-Fi may seem an attractive deal, it is not free from its limitations. Breaking system security can be absolutely easy for cyber security with a small piece of malicious software on an open network. It is highly suggested that you should not do important and sensitive tasks like online banking, shopping etc. on an open network.

This will help you in avoiding unnecessary hassle caused by cyber criminals. You can also do a small tweak in the system settings to avoid connecting to any random network instead of just connecting to suggested open hotspots. To make this change on your system, go to Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi. Once you enable this feature on your PC, it will give you better control over your network connection.

Disable location permission

Many apps on your device ask for location permission when you install them. This is to provide your seamless services. While the permission of location acquired by various applications is required by these apps, in some cases different apps ask for location permission without any good reason. Thus, they not only track the location of your device, but they can also cause unnecessary security concerns for you.

In addition, it also unnecessarily consumes system resources. To disable unnecessary location permission acquired by various apps on your system, go to Settings> Privacy> Location. Here, sift through all the apps to find the apps for which you want to disable location permission. To disable location permission, simply toggle the permission button next to each app.

Avoid opening unknown attachments

The next security measure you follow is to avoid clicking unknown links and opening unknown attachments. While approx. Half of your emails get in the spam folder, the threat is real and emerges. Here, cybercriminals try several well-practiced techniques to send spam emails to deceive users.

They refer to many malicious links and attachments and try to trick users with some amazing offers and discounts. Here, they ask users to click on these malicious links or ask them to open malicious attachments to infect their device.

Everyone longs for abundance and financial security, it is a human desire that we all share. It is an inspiration instilled in us as part of our survival system. While we all have this in common, only a limited few actually reach true financial security.

The figures can be disappointing. According to the Retirement Confidence Survey (2006), 53% of Americans have less than $ 25,000 in retirement savings. Also, 30% believe they will only need $ 250,000 or less in total retirement savings.

One of the problems in our society is lack of discipline in relation to savings.

These steps are not easy to follow, but they will initiate you on a disciplined path and lead you to build a money-conscious mindset.

1. Reduce your household expenses.

Find ways to make your home smarter to reduce electricity bills, water and everyday utilities.

In California, we have the highest real estate prices in the country, so reducing the cost of living can be a sacrifice.

If you are a first-time home buyer (or even an empty nester), be open to the idea of ​​purchasing a duplex or other multi-property rather than a typical single-family residence. That way, you can live in one unit and rent another for income.

It is not easy to live near tenants, but if you screen your potential tenants correctly, it will reduce future nightmares. Be smart, pay your mortgage to other people! After creating a passive income stream, you can always save money and then buy another house later.

2. Increase your formal and financial education.

Did you know that earning a bachelor’s degree can increase your income by $ 25,000 a year? Also, it gets better:

According to census data, a person earning a bachelor’s degree will earn another $ 20,000 per year – which is $ 45,000 more, year over year!

Now, don’t complain about the high cost of education or how “difficult” it is to go back to school. My former neighbor was in her 50s, running her own business and graduate school part-time. there’s still time!

It is also important to note that universities do not teach people to become rich. So during your formal education, start taking classes about investing.

Financial classes are taught in most adult schools and colleges for a nominal fee. I have also attended real estate seminars for many years and learned great tips from many types of mentors.

3. Become an aggressive / conservative investor.

Although it may sound like an oxymoron to be both aggressive yet conservative, it is not. It is all about planning. The risk you take with your money should be related to your age.

But, don’t be fooled: One should never invest in something that they don’t fully understand. If stocks interest you, start learning about the market.

Learn how to understand financial statements. If real estate is your game, start participating in REIA (Real Estate Investment Association).

Also, don’t be greedy! I know that investors are so desperate for that 20% return that they gave their money to unscrupulous companies and never saw their principal again!

Protect your principal, compromise for less interest if necessary. If money is lost, it can take years to rebuild.

Do not follow the crowd.

Most Americans are broke, why on earth would you follow their bad habits? Trying to live with your neighbors can destroy your chances of financial freedom. Also keep in mind competition among family members.

For example, some families like to move past each other in their journey. It is non-stop cruises, air trips and weekends in Las Vegas. but guess what? They’re BROKE !?

Some people who know me may make fun of my frugality. They can please everyone they want because I am laughing all the way to the bank!

Many rich people are weird and eccentric, I used to think that money has made them that way, but now I realize that they don’t care what they think of others. It was perhaps this flawed attitude that helped make him rich in the first place.

5. Saving Is Sexy, It’s Fun to Be Frugal.

If saving is a huge task, you won’t do it. If coupon clipping and wearing off-the-rack clothes are beneath you, then you need to change the outlook.

Start making a game by saving and being thrifty. See how much money you can put in a cookie jar each week. Before you spend a penny, consciously think about the action you are taking.

Find out if there is a better way to find what you need at a lower cost. Can you buy it second hand? Do you know that someone else needs the same thing.

When you talk to Facebook Messenger of a company, have you ever noticed that you will not be talking to any person? Sometimes you haven’t, and sometimes you have. This is one of the advantages of talking to a chatbot and using them with your company’s business.

There are many chatbots out there, and one of the best ones one can use for a lot of reasons is a fully customizable chatbot. But why do you need one and what is a chatbot? Well, we are going to tell you!


Increase customer support
Suggested Sales Techniques
Why Facebook Messenger?
The conclusion
Increase customer support

One of the many benefits of using a chatbot is that you can have your own technical support agent on hand whenever you need it. If you receive a large amount of users who visit your Facebook page frequently, they will often be questioned when it comes to using certain services, who find some items on your website, and more.

With chatbots, you can completely customize the experience of every user who crosses your Facebook page, and answers any questions they may have, without actually needing to do it all by themselves .

Suggested Sales Techniques

Another thing you can do with your FAQ bot is use a chatbot using suggestive sales.
To fully utilize these types of features, you can include your advertising campaigns such as Google Ads and even Facebook Ads.

Another thing you can do is post special features such as posting customer reactions from your web store to get some more sales on items that can make a little revenue with smart marketing, or you can be suggestive. Sales strategy can also be used to bring more traffic to your shop as well as traffic, which is a great SEO tool.

Why Facebook Messenger?

Nearly the entire population is actually using Facebook, and most of those users use Messenger to contact each other, of which about three quarters are on mobile platforms. Almost all other applications and even many Messenger applications are uninstalled as soon as they are used or tried, but what is not is Facebook Messenger.

That being said, you can actually use a chatbot to build a brand for yourself and use that brand in some way shape or form. Even better is that, most of them do not require you to know how to create code. At the same time, it saves you money by actually being a social media department and saves you time because you basically have a virtual assistant for your business using a chatbot.

The conclusion

To use a chatbot solely for your business, you will probably need some training. You need to know how to create a chatbot tailored to the needs of your company, as well as one that suits the needs of your customers (both potential and already active). This is why when smart bot marketers get out there, it comes as one of the bestchat courses to help you learn the ropes and fully automate your bot.

Ever wondered what the 4G and 5G mobile networks gain from attacks? Mobile networks are on the rise worldwide, and digital threats are more common than ever.

The service helps telecommunications companies to ensure DoS attacks, fraud, compliance and protect user data.

Evaluation audits and security software help ensure a secure connected world, where everyone and every device is connected.

Research by Positive Technologies has found that 4G and 5G infrastructure are also subject to the same attacks as older SS7-based networks. These vulnerabilities affect critical signaling protocols (diameters, GTPs) and network configuration errors that create a way for attackers to steal or spy on customers’ data and space, leaving users vulnerable to identity theft or DoS attacks makes.

Telecommunications attack discovery

PT Telecom provides an attack detection solution that provides security monitoring, real-time detection of malicious activity and protection of the network perimeter. The penetration of telecom operators is empowered with rich analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling them to respond to threats.