VideoProc, the best program to edit and rotate 4K videos

Have you taken ultra-high resolution 4K Ultra HD videos with your latest generation of action cameras, and are you looking for editing software that can process them? In this guide we will talk about VideoProc which allows you to convert, resize, rotate, adjust, edit, download and record any type of video file with GPU acceleration.

VideoProc is a new 4K video processing tool, launched by Digiarty Software, a recognized brand in DVD / video utility tools for Windows and Mac users.

With its latest software version, you can process and edit 4K video very efficiently.

Furthermore, it is a very well-built software to convert and rotate videos to the most popular video formats such as MP4, AVI, MTS, AVC, 3GP, MKV and more.

In addition, a lot can be done using software for free. However, it has some limitations with the free trial version, but if you like it, you can opt for its licensed version.

Let’s see more information about the software with our full videocroc and analyze its functionality and features with price and conclusion.

After downloading, installing and activating it, VideoProc will perform a quick system scan to analyze its potential. At the end you will see an easy-to-use graphical interface with 4 toolboxes: video processing, DVD conversion, video downloader and recorder.

Why Rotate Video?

The social media network has surrounded the world by storm. A few years ago, they were mainly about text and images. But over time, the trend shifted towards GIFs and videos. Now, users post thousands of videos on their profiles every day. If this was not enough, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Stories have forced users to test their innovative video skills by recording short stories in video format. This is where the need for software such as VideoProc arises.

VideoProc is one-to-one software to meet all your video editing and merging needs. Whether it is your holiday video, you should cut or combine short clips into one for your Facebook stories. VideoProc can do all that with a few clicks. In this detailed review of the software, we will guide you through its features on how to use them and how you can make great videos in a short period of time.

Video and music are all part of those who use computers and mobile devices.

Thanks to the Internet and advancing technology, both systems reach great heights. Therefore, having an application is very important for video processing. VideoProc stands out for its great features. It works perfectly on computers with macOS.

It is 4k video editing software that allows editing, conversion and adjustment of 4K UHD videos, among other options. The application performs all its tasks at high speeds, using GPU acceleration level-3 valid for a certain number of processors and cards. All this work is done slowly, keeping the quality intact, reaching a high speed, much higher than that achieved by similar programs.

VideoProc supports leftward or rightward rotation. These curves can be 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees. It is also possible to flip a video horizontally or vertically.

You can easily rotate MP4 videos using VideoProc software

video proc3 – VideoProc, Best Program to Edit and Rotate 4K Videos
Click rotate after uploading

video proc4 – VideoProc, Best Program to Edit and Rotate 4K Videos
After clicking, you will get this option with various options like rotate right, rotate left, vertical flip, horizontal flip and more.

video proc5 – VideoProc, Best Program to Edit and Rotate 4K Videos
Select your preferences and rotate the video. Click done
You can also adjust playback speed, audio volume, and audio delay.

Convert and edit video

You can also convert 4K HEVC video to H264 without loss of quality. VideoProc supports video from any device, such as GoPro, DJI, iPhone, android, etc. It also has lots of editing options so you can polish the video! And thanks to the full acceleration of GPU hardware, conversion and editing of videos, especially large videos in 4K, is much easier, faster with VideoProc.

Basic Video Editing Features:

You can cut the duration of the video; Split a video into several parts; Merge different clips into one; Unwanted crop area; Add watermark, subtitle; Rotate, flip mirrors and videos; Adjust the speed of video playback, volume etc.

When designing an office or other workspace for your business, it is important that you keep in mind its impact on your employees and what you can do to improve their health and mood levels while you work. .

The right office location is the key to productivity, and this guide will instruct you on the best solutions for your office and ideas for work space that will make it a desirable workspace for your employees.

How do workplaces affect your employees?

1 in 6.8 people experience mental health difficulties while at the workplace. While there are many reasons for this, such as workplace bullying and being unhappy with their work, their office or workplace can help reduce or enhance their mood at work.

There are several reasons that an office may reduce their mental health, such as excessive noise levels and low natural light. Not only that, but lack of exercise in sedentary workplaces can lead to poor health, and there are many examples of poor hygiene in other workplaces, such as offices and warehouses, which can be improved.

However, considering your employees, there can be great benefits to your business when designing your office, such as increased motivation and productivity, which can make your business more efficient.

How can office design benefit employees?

Creating an open plan office is the best design option for those who keep their employees in mind as it can encourage group discussion and motivate employees to exercise more by moving between desks to talk to others Can do. This ensures that no one is in a different situation that can potentially raise a lower mood, although noise levels may be an issue.

You should also consider setting up break out areas where employees can discuss private groups and work on projects together, as well as areas where employees can work on a single assignment without any distraction.

The ideal workplace should be unambiguous and organized, and you can do this by setting up the correct amount of storage and data and shelving for the size of your office that you are storing. offers a range of industrial level storage options for businesses that are durable enough to hold large loads and can help your employees find documents easily.

Increasing natural lighting in your office can also increase employee motivation over artificial lighting, make sure they get more vitamins, allow them to adjust ambient temperature, and also improve their sleep cycle Which can reduce fatigue at work.

Installing a dumidifier can also be beneficial for offices and other workplaces where air circulation is a problem such as warehouses because it can reduce the amount of bacteria and cleaning fumes that can make employees sick and ensure that air Is continuously operational.

What are the options for office culture?

If you want to give your employees the best experience in the workplace context, then you should consider the benefits of allowing your employees to work from home. Among other benefits, employees often find that they are more motivated to work because they will be able to work at their own pace and on their own time without the distraction of day-long bustling workplaces.

Measure your results

After you have committed to your strategy for some time, look at the data and see your results. Look for what works and more importantly, what does not.

Knowing what content yields ideas is great. As useful as knowing what does not generate interest. Do not waste time on topics that do not offer returns.

Note where your traffic is coming from. Any field that is not delivering is a chance to revise your strategy. Is it worth spending time on these paths, or is it worth paying attention to those who deliver?

Stay up-to-date on SEO practices and changes

As search engines learn more about the behavior of users, they adjust their algorithms to meet their needs. This means that once done methods can actually harm your SEO.

Staying up-to-date on SEO is seldom to check news for changes. When a change has been made, you can make the necessary accommodations.

Final thoughts on building a custom SEO process

There are many benefits to having an SEO process to suit your business needs. This will not only make your content more discoverable, build your audience, but it will also give you information about who your customers are.

Everything touches, makes it smart. From the latest developments in telecommunications to goal-line technology in football, the world around us has been improved by the latest technological innovations.

With this being the case, it makes little wonder that the financial world is embracing new, tech-forward ideas. Indeed, when money is on the line, banks and building societies want to ensure that they do not put themselves or you at risk. Therefore, if technology can and does help in the breach, the in-charge will hold it with both hands.

One area where technology is beginning to make a real impact is debt and, in particular, mortgages. Although most borrowers are responsible, there are times when people fall into arrears. In fact, at one point in 2018, the number of arrears was the first since 2016, along with the outstanding balance. An increase of £ 200,000 between Q2 and Q3, the data suggests lenders and borrowers are still missing the mark when it comes to suitability.

With the help of technology, everyone can get a better deal.

Naturally, however, it is both parties who want to get a better deal. Lenders want to make sure that they are lending to the right people and lenders want to make sure that they are getting the best product. For the latter, there are plenty of resources made online, created and made available with the help of the latest technology.

For example, if you read through Trussley’s review of the NatWest mortgage application process, you will get information about the bank. It is taking a maximum of ten days from the application process to the lending. Your annual income is 4.85x, all important figures. From these reviews, potential borrowers can use the site’s mortgage calculator to compare and contrast the knowledge that they have glossed over. In theory, the end result is that they get the best deal possible.

Knowledge, as we know, is power, and that is why lenders and brokers provide as much as possible. In their minds, if borrowers are better informed, they are more likely to choose the right product and, in turn, do not fall into arrears.

AI Reduction Risk for Mortgage Lenders

On the other side of the coin, lenders are now embracing artificial intelligence (AI). By using the latest AI protocols, they are able to make better decisions. With new ways of processing data and assessing applicants, AI is also helping to combat fraud. Start-up ID Finance has integrated behavioral biometrics into its AI fraud scoring software.

The software can detect fraud by typing and recognizing behavior patterns, claiming a 97.6% success rate. In fact, AI can also analyze variables such as mouse movements to determine if a real person is applying.

In fact, mortgage application is a risk scoring process. Those who are cleared have basically achieved a suitable score based on a predetermined set of factors. By using technology to tighten the process and make norms more stringent, banks are reducing their risk.

While there will always be borrowers that fall into arrears, technology is helping prevent this from happening. If this happens, it will improve the mortgage economy and prepare lenders to lend. Thus, as mortgage technology improves, so should our ability to borrow money to buy a home.

Audio searching

Voice search may not be traditional, but it is certainly happening. You may hesitate to try it, but it has become quite popular among teenagers and middle-aged people. This new discovery system is formal in nature and is quite convenient. These are the factors that make it extremely popular. People have started liking it even on regular search. To locate a rank tracker or any other software, try to find out what regular voice searchers are likely to search for.

Make it visual

Video content has certainly come a long way. With the founding of YouTube, a video-sharing website, back in 2005, videos are all over the Internet. Therefore, there is no doubt that most of the traffic produced by the users comes from the video sources they will be searching for. Furthermore, we should not forget that YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world. If the videos are huge at this stage this year, one can only imagine the state of the Internet in a few years.

Every Apple user accepts the fact that iTunes is a big mess. Originally, iTunes has not changed much since its launch, and with very little it has become heavy and complex software. Apple recently tried to improve iTunes, but it is not enough.

So we always look for software that can help us not to use iTunes. However, for some reason or another, we always had to go back for it. That said, today may be the day when we say goodbye to iTunes forever.

DearMob iPhone Manager

This iPhone manager is iTunes’s best option for transferring images, videos, and any type of file from a personal computer or Mac system. It is a program designed for those who do not want to use iTunes to transfer photos, videos, contacts and other types of data.

The iPhone is one of the best smartphones and the only real option for Android. Much of its success is thanks to iOS and its proverbial lightness and ease of use, but for those who own a Windows computer some basic operations can be annoying to at least complete, and of which we can certainly transfer and multimedia files Can not forget the management of.

For these operations, it is often necessary to use iTunes, a program that many Windows users try to avoid, and the process of transferring multimedia files from iPhone to PC may not be comfortable for all users, as well May be prolonged with. And that’s why there are some different options for the iPhone, such as DearMob iPhone Manager.

ITunes is used to back up your devices and save them locally to your PC, protecting them from prickly eyes or malicious users who want to stock your data. However it can often be frustrating to use it, especially for Windows PC users and especially for those who need to run faster.

In addition, it is incomplete for data transfers: it can transfer photos, music, videos, podcasts, and books, and manage applications installed on the device, although any type of file can be exported. It is better to use or perform the so-called. Two-way ”synchronization. Therefore it is better to move towards alternative solutions.

Below are the main drawbacks of iTunes, at least in its current version.

ITunes does not have two-way synchronization: with i – Tunes it is possible to transfer files from your computer to an iPhone, but only for a few very select file types. The opposite is not the case, that is, it is not possible to transfer files from iPhone to computer with the official Apple solution.

ITunes does not have selective transfers: the “all or nothing” rule applies to iTunes, so you can only transfer all photos to a folder, or all music or video to a playlist or library. All from PC to iPhone only.
Cannot manage other data: With iTunes it is not possible to transfer data such as personal contacts, text messages, calendars, favorites, voice memo and much more.

It does not support synchronization with different systems:

an iPhone can only be synchronized with an iTunes library, such that the data in it cannot be exported to multiple systems.
Files that are not synchronized are not maintained with iTunes.

Instead, using an alternative iPhone manager for iTunes has several advantages, such as the aforementioned DearMob iPhone Manager. This is a program that allows you to better manage all the contents on your iPhone, presenting itself with a modern and simplified interface and without compromising the security of your data in any way.

The DearMob solution, like others we’ve seen before and which iPhone users have come to appreciate, allows us to get different advantages, which we briefly report in a list to make it easier for the user to read. Huh.

Selective transfer of data to the iPhone: DearMob iPhone Manager offers the possibility to backup all the contents of your iPhone with one click, but at the same time to transfer selected images, photos, videos, or files. The user can then select only one or a few files to bring to the PC, each time without synchronizing all the contents.

It works with a variety of files: program photos, music, videos, page files, keynotes or numbers, contacts, text messages, podcasts, books, ringtones, voice memos, sharing files, calendars, favorites and manage all files Can do. The type desired by the user.

Let’s keep it real – your business has changed a lot. Chances are, there is a competitor who provides similar services at the same price. The only thing that really makes you two different is how much your customers like working with you.

Because of that, having a niche specific CRM, ie a mortgage CRM, car sales CRM, or Realtor CRM, is more important than ever.

User Experience is at the forefront of business growth

Five years ago marketing gurus said that content is king. Well, today, user experience is king. With the abundance of information and substitution, the only thing that sets you apart is the experience you are able to provide. If a customer who, for whatever reason, doesn’t like you, doesn’t trust you, or feels like your business is stuck in a stone age, then something to stop them from goggling their opponent Neither is there.

A step by step guide to optimizing for UX

By introducing the buyer’s journey, to initiate optimization for the user experience. Start from the time your prospect comes in contact with your business.

How did they find you?
Was it easy for you to find them?
Was it easy for you to get in touch with them?
What were some possible obstacles that prevented him from contacting you?
Why didn’t they contact you soon?
Is there anything you can make easy to get in touch with?
Next, by starting different stages for their special shopping trip. The more detail you can break it, the easier it will become. A best tool for mapping this process and optimizing it is a CRM, or customer relationship management system.

Once you have your map at every step of the customer and every communication touch point, start asking the following questions:

What are the potential barriers / inconveniences my clients are facing?
Is there anything that can be easy for my client?
Are there any steps that can be removed?
Once you do this, the next step is to automate your system and start using the tools for optimization. This is where your CRM will enter.

What do CRM

A CRM will automate many small steps that are usually ignored. For example, follow email, and birthday emails can be automated to ensure that you are always in touch with your customers, so that an email habit doesn’t develop.

In addition to the following, CRM streamlined the sales process by providing more convenient options to drive sales forward. These options may include things like signing an online document and uploading an online document.

Another advantage offered by CRMs is that their software capabilities usually come with marketing tools. By automating your marketing you can focus on what matters most: making sales.

Finally, a CRM software will help you keep an eye on all the prospects and leads so that no one falls through the cracks.

By streamlining the operation of your business and automating it where you can, you can provide a more enjoyable experience for customers. This will differentiate your business from the competition by increasing sales and decreasing resources.

SEO is definitely a complex system. However, what is interesting is that the rules change occasionally. Every year, discoveries are new trends for the world. This is indeed the case for all things in this generation.

Search engines work hard to ensure better search results every time. With the changing system of SEO, we take a look at some new trends that will definitely dominate till the year of 2018, 2019.

SERP Features to Maximize

SERP features are probably the main trend of the list. This is because it is the reason for distracting biological audiences from search results. You might think that this is not an issue. However, this is why you get less traffic. The SERP has developed rapidly throughout the years. This fact makes it a concern.

This trend will definitely be a dominating SEO game this year. Be sure to take care of your ranking. This is in relation to SERP features. It is important to know where you stand and this is easy to do with many available software. You can also monitor the features that appear for your keywords. This way, you will know that your traffic is being stolen from you.

Structured data

It is something that helps search engines interpret information and shows how to display it in SERP features. It is also known for formatting HTML and using specific terminology.

Although structured data is not really a ranking signal, it is important to acknowledge it. The reason for this is because it allows you to increase your search lists in many convenient ways. It is better to use different and unique methods of search result interpretation. This is because competition in this field is getting more advanced every day. What we mean is to stay ahead of the game.

If you want to optimize your website, for example, in Las Vegas, and ask an LV SEO expert for advice, you will likely have suggestions you are not expecting. This is not because the search engine optimization (SEO) campaign in Las Vegas is highly competitive.

The reason behind the unusual SEO suggestions of a Las Vegas SEO expert is due to the constantly evolving Google ranking algorithm. The search engine giant has also started rewarding high-ranking websites for a variety of factors including user experience and website infrastructure. Following are seven advanced SEO tricks and tips from experts to help improve your page ranking.

Focus on high quality content

Google has started rewarding websites for high-quality content. Gone are the days when SEO experts try to fill many keywords within the website content. The search engine giant recently announced that it is using RankBrain, a learning artificial intelligence (AI) that helps Google rate websites by observing a number of factors. These factors include high quality materials.

Break your text with headers

A survey shows that most website visitors are more likely to scan an entire page before reading an article. Therefore, instead of welcoming your visitors with a wall of text, break up your content with headers that your visitors can scan. Using high-quality images, graphics, and video clips can also make your pages more attractive.

Keep updating your content

Your content needs to be current to remain relevant to your visitors. This will encourage them to return to your website and share their content on their social media accounts. External links on social media pages, as well as the number of shares of it, will do wonders for your page ranking.

Improve overall user experience

One of the factors that rankbrain inspects in each website is “residence time.” As the word means, resident time refers to how visitors to your page live on your pages. The longer they stay, the better for your page rank. This is another tip designed to keep visitors of your website longer.

Improve page loading speed

One study shows that about 40 percent of visitors to a website are likely to lose interest and visit other websites if the page they want to browse fails to load within three seconds. The percentage of time it takes for the page to load increases. You can increase your page loading speed by adjusting the size of your photos and graphics as well as improving the overall layout of the page.

Write long blog posts

Prolonged blog posts translate to a longer stay for your visitors. Keep in mind that you need to keep your blog posts interesting to keep your readers interested and even engage them in a discussion.

Audit your seo regularly

Conducting regular SEO audits on your website ensures that your website is working and performing as it is supposed to. The SEO audit will also give you clues on the problem areas that are causing the poor performance of your website. Auditing your SEO includes technical evaluation of your website’s reach and index, Google Penalty, offline and online audit and keyword evaluation.

The work of optimizing websites is very complex and involves much more than the tricks described. It is essential that you appoint only established SEO experts of reputed companies to help improve your website ranking.

Speed ​​is good

As a ranking signal, speed is actually beneficial for the UX Factor. There are some expectations for the speed of search results. For example, Google is believed to have flashed its pages within three seconds. We know that this is a difficult level. However, this is not an impossible goal. You can do a Google speed test to see the overall speed of your search result. In this way, you can see some ways by which you can speed up your search results.

Explain the quality of the content

Google has many ways to assess the quality of your information. It is very difficult to run away from not having really good content. When it comes to something called latent semantic indexing, Google uses it to view a large number of pages and keywords, after which it analyzes your connection.

It then discovers whether a piece of material is widespread. Whatever Google does next, it looks for the best performing search results and then searches for their similarities. This is done to get the best analysis of the authenticity of the information.

Today, one of the biggest trends affecting the employment of the technology industry is the increasing acceptance of remote and co-located teams and workplaces, as well as effective tools enabling this.

Productivity and cost, along with every other business, are the most important factors involved when choosing co-located or remote workplaces. One thing is sure, however – every firm has a different set of needs and requirements for its business.

So which team do you like better that suits your company’s ideals? Remote or co-located? Now before we dive into the ‘remote versus in-office teams’ narrative, let us give you an in-depth insight into the environment of the modern industry with many industry peers.

Is collaboration the same distraction? While it is clear that open workplaces promote better collaboration among office workers, it also serves as a double-edged sword. Closed-door offices can be a barrier to communication, but they do well to shield us against the noise coming from our colleagues and distracting attention from their constant interruptions.

Remote versus co-location data

Remote workplaces are still developing in different parts of the world, while information about distributed teams and their effectiveness is mostly based on opinions and rumors. However, there are an incredible number of studies on open offices that range from productivity and health to basic employee satisfaction with how noise impedes arithmetic ability. But these studies do not concern software developers or other professionals in the software development industry.

Then Georgia Tech Ph.D. Candidate Chris Perrin, in his 2013 blog post Programmer Interrupted, cited several studies of how the results yield disappointing results.

After examining 10,000 programming sessions, Perrin stated that it takes the programmer about 10 to 15 minutes to start editing code when they resume their work after being interrupted. They also stated that they only receive one uninterrupted 2-hour session a day.

Coders must remain focused at all times. It is clearly evident from the above comments that losing valuable hours can be largely avoided to affect the productivity of a software developer.

Remote work iron

On the other hand, Basecamp founders David Hennimier Hanson and Jason Fried emphasize in their book, Remote: Office Not Reward, the positivity of remote work and providing effective advice to managers looking for a transition from closed-door workplaces.

Given that they have expanded Basecamp’s workforce to more than 50 employees since the company’s founding in 1999, the authors know what they are talking about. The book also shares the risks that co-located office managers would not consider.

Common sense suggests that remote employees have shorter working hours and enjoy better freedom when they are not supervised or monitored, but the book warns remote managers that there is a huge risk involved, which Unable to identify over exertion and burns when employees are not. On the site. Fried God This is ‘the irony of people working from the comfort of their own home’.

The authors therefore advise managers to keep reasonable expectations for their hours and also instruct their employees to measure their productivity by telling themselves if they do a good day’s work. There are some studies that tell employees to be more productive when they are not being supervised.


Working remotely or from home also comes with skipping long-running hours and cutting fuel costs. In fact, Michael Swiercek, a remote software developer for the Dio, says that working remotely eliminates countless distractions of office noise and intrusion and the added benefit of commuting is really worth it.

Those who live in extremely congested areas may be willing to extend their office hours to work at home. Some of them may even be more than 50 hours away from home. Unfortunately, working so long may affect their overall productivity, which can only be improved by reducing these extra hours.

Companies that work remotely promote this to encourage and improve employee morale. GitLab’s “The Remote Manifesto” includes eight principles of working remotely, including employees working closely with their loved ones and staying with them most of the time.

Remote first

Today, more established companies and startups looking for remote work are winning over those who favor open offices. As a result, there is a huge market for remote jobs, including websites and platforms such as 3P Development that allow employers to quickly connect and recruit workers from their own homes without any hassle.