How to quantum supremacy” Google’s breakthrough

Google made a big reveal on October 27, 2019 when it announced the name “quantum domination.”

According to an article in the Nature Journal, Google says that their quantum computer, known as Sycamore, solved a particular problem in 200 seconds. By comparison, Google has said that the current classical computer in the world – the summit owned by IBM as large as two basketball courts – will take 10,000 years to solve the same problem.

This is what “quantum domination” means. This is when quantum computers – such as classical computers that we are familiar with (such as phones and laptops) follow the rules of quantum physics, which are based on classical physics, such as Newton’s laws of motion – that can do whatever is not traditional computer in a reasonable way. General Chat Chat Lounge

The problem here is that IBM responded to Google’s news by saying that in fact, the summit could solve the problem of quantum computers in two and a half days, not just 10,000 years.

In this episode of Recode’s reset podcast, quarterly math and physics magazines Ariel Duhaim-Ross and Kevin Hartnett break quantum computing and why Google is messing with IBM, and that’s no big deal.

At the most basic level we are controlling it. We are dealing with it in our own hands, and we are doing the calculations. And we’re calculating with that. It’s kind of overwhelming and the engineers are now actually jungle This is a kind of amazing, “said Hartnett.

After the episode, a dip in two drugs used for quantum computers operating around the world was discovered to break the Internet by undoing the common form of RSA encryption called drug discovery and financial modeling.

But with a very powerful quantum computer … time to break down huge numbers is really short. And that means it’s easy to find the keys you use to encrypt, and the Internet key is corrupted.” But at this point it’s still theoretical, “Duhaime-Ross explained.

Listen to their full discussion here. We also shared a lightly edited excerpt of Harnett’s conversation with Durheim-Ross below.

Ariel Duhim-Ross

The term “quantum supremacy” sounds obviously ridiculous. It always made me think that the electron was moving around the world. But people have been waiting for this for a long time. Because what Google has announced will mean a special kind of computer, called a quantum computer, that is finally doing things. Instead think …

Kevin Hartnett

… It’s been an almost legendary dream for decades. For years, we have been waiting for the announcement of quantum supremacy. Google announced this week.

Ariel Duhim-Ross

Getting bogged down with [quantum computing] is getting real, and Google and IBM, two big tech companies, are obsessed with this. But first I want to talk to you about physics. Don’t worry Because I understand you. I’m here for you. And we’re all going to do it together.

Kevin – What is a quantum computer?

Kevin Hartnett

A quantum computer is a machine that calculates using the laws of quantum physics, in my opinion, a classical computer like your phone or your desktop computer, which behaves according to the laws of classical physics. So the classical computer calculation using bits and bits can be 1 or 0.

Ariel Duhim-Ross

Basically love the base of the code.

Kevin Hartnett

Exactly. That’s the code. Now, a quantum computer does not use bits, it uses quantum bits or qubits. And these parts are created from quantum matter and can be described by one or the probability that a solid is in the state of 1 or 0, or that it is in the state of zero.

The advantage of this system is that you have several different states. When you are doing some calculations, there may be a time on your quantum computer and each of those states is assigned a task.

ADR: That’s the key. Regular computers (or computer experts called “classical computers”) like your laptop or your phone – these computers try to be the only possible way to get answers at a time. However, a quantum computer can more effectively get an accurate answer.

That’s not intuitive, so here’s a thought test: Imagine a ball and a hill. It is your job to land that ball at the base of the hill.

Kevin Hartnett

Imagine you’re at the beginning of a computer, your calculation. You are at the top of the hill and you are moving the ball over the hill.

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