DearMob iPhone Manager Review [iPad Mini Sweepstake]

Every Apple user accepts the fact that iTunes is a big mess. Originally, iTunes has not changed much since its launch, and with very little it has become heavy and complex software. Apple recently tried to improve iTunes, but it is not enough.

So we always look for software that can help us not to use iTunes. However, for some reason or another, we always had to go back for it. That said, today may be the day when we say goodbye to iTunes forever.

DearMob iPhone Manager

This iPhone manager is iTunes’s best option for transferring images, videos, and any type of file from a personal computer or Mac system. It is a program designed for those who do not want to use iTunes to transfer photos, videos, contacts and other types of data.

The iPhone is one of the best smartphones and the only real option for Android. Much of its success is thanks to iOS and its proverbial lightness and ease of use, but for those who own a Windows computer some basic operations can be annoying to at least complete, and of which we can certainly transfer and multimedia files Can not forget the management of.

For these operations, it is often necessary to use iTunes, a program that many Windows users try to avoid, and the process of transferring multimedia files from iPhone to PC may not be comfortable for all users, as well May be prolonged with. And that’s why there are some different options for the iPhone, such as DearMob iPhone Manager.

ITunes is used to back up your devices and save them locally to your PC, protecting them from prickly eyes or malicious users who want to stock your data. However it can often be frustrating to use it, especially for Windows PC users and especially for those who need to run faster.

In addition, it is incomplete for data transfers: it can transfer photos, music, videos, podcasts, and books, and manage applications installed on the device, although any type of file can be exported. It is better to use or perform the so-called. Two-way ”synchronization. Therefore it is better to move towards alternative solutions.

Below are the main drawbacks of iTunes, at least in its current version.

ITunes does not have two-way synchronization: with i – Tunes it is possible to transfer files from your computer to an iPhone, but only for a few very select file types. The opposite is not the case, that is, it is not possible to transfer files from iPhone to computer with the official Apple solution.

ITunes does not have selective transfers: the “all or nothing” rule applies to iTunes, so you can only transfer all photos to a folder, or all music or video to a playlist or library. All from PC to iPhone only.
Cannot manage other data: With iTunes it is not possible to transfer data such as personal contacts, text messages, calendars, favorites, voice memo and much more.

It does not support synchronization with different systems:

an iPhone can only be synchronized with an iTunes library, such that the data in it cannot be exported to multiple systems.
Files that are not synchronized are not maintained with iTunes.

Instead, using an alternative iPhone manager for iTunes has several advantages, such as the aforementioned DearMob iPhone Manager. This is a program that allows you to better manage all the contents on your iPhone, presenting itself with a modern and simplified interface and without compromising the security of your data in any way.

The DearMob solution, like others we’ve seen before and which iPhone users have come to appreciate, allows us to get different advantages, which we briefly report in a list to make it easier for the user to read. Huh.

Selective transfer of data to the iPhone: DearMob iPhone Manager offers the possibility to backup all the contents of your iPhone with one click, but at the same time to transfer selected images, photos, videos, or files. The user can then select only one or a few files to bring to the PC, each time without synchronizing all the contents.

It works with a variety of files: program photos, music, videos, page files, keynotes or numbers, contacts, text messages, podcasts, books, ringtones, voice memos, sharing files, calendars, favorites and manage all files Can do. The type desired by the user.

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