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Google made a big reveal on October 27, 2019 when it announced the name “quantum domination.” According to an article in the Nature Journal, Google says that their quantum computer, known as Sycamore, solved a particular problem in 200 seconds. By comparison, Google has said that the current classical computer in the world – the […]

Uber, Lyft and Dordash will submit papers for the referendum on Tuesday on the California 2020 ballot to protect app-based drivers and financing services. Voters will be asked to exempt ride-hailing companies at 5Ab, the law, which was approved by the ballot in September, outlining many aspects of TomTom’s economy. With the exception of a […]

Does your company have a bespoke SEO process? You can follow the suggestions of this guide. How relevant is your SEO strategy? Do you have a custom-made campaign for your business, or are you using a generic template and hoping for the best? With the fundamentals of good SEO being universal, you can actually get […]

Every Apple user accepts the fact that iTunes is a big mess. Originally, iTunes has not changed much since its launch, and with very little it has become heavy and complex software. Apple recently tried to improve iTunes, but it is not enough. So we always look for software that can help us not to […]

It takes a lot of hard work to run a small business, and there are many challenges that you will have to overcome as you try to grow your company. However, what will help you get onboard with all the technologies, you have to offer to experiment with the latest updates and trends. It is […]

Writing content for the audience is more difficult than it sounds. More than putting a few words together about a specific topic. As a writer, you need to know what your audience likes and maintain their attention. Attractive content from the audience can increase your number of followers, turn visitors into buyers, or ensure you […]

With the increasing threat to cyber security, it becomes necessary for the user to take all preventive measures to protect data security from harm. This includes making behavior changes while online, using built-in security utilities and features, trying third-party security tools, and more. In this article, we have discussed several ways to help you secure […]