7 Advanced SEO Tricks to Improve Ranking

If you want to optimize your website, for example, in Las Vegas, and ask an LV SEO expert for advice, you will likely have suggestions you are not expecting. This is not because the search engine optimization (SEO) campaign in Las Vegas is highly competitive.

The reason behind the unusual SEO suggestions of a Las Vegas SEO expert is due to the constantly evolving Google ranking algorithm. The search engine giant has also started rewarding high-ranking websites for a variety of factors including user experience and website infrastructure. Following are seven advanced SEO tricks and tips from experts to help improve your page ranking.

Focus on high quality content

Google has started rewarding websites for high-quality content. Gone are the days when SEO experts try to fill many keywords within the website content. The search engine giant recently announced that it is using RankBrain, a learning artificial intelligence (AI) that helps Google rate websites by observing a number of factors. These factors include high quality materials.

Break your text with headers

A survey shows that most website visitors are more likely to scan an entire page before reading an article. Therefore, instead of welcoming your visitors with a wall of text, break up your content with headers that your visitors can scan. Using high-quality images, graphics, and video clips can also make your pages more attractive.

Keep updating your content

Your content needs to be current to remain relevant to your visitors. This will encourage them to return to your website and share their content on their social media accounts. External links on social media pages, as well as the number of shares of it, will do wonders for your page ranking.

Improve overall user experience

One of the factors that rankbrain inspects in each website is “residence time.” As the word means, resident time refers to how visitors to your page live on your pages. The longer they stay, the better for your page rank. This is another tip designed to keep visitors of your website longer.

Improve page loading speed

One study shows that about 40 percent of visitors to a website are likely to lose interest and visit other websites if the page they want to browse fails to load within three seconds. The percentage of time it takes for the page to load increases. You can increase your page loading speed by adjusting the size of your photos and graphics as well as improving the overall layout of the page.

Write long blog posts

Prolonged blog posts translate to a longer stay for your visitors. Keep in mind that you need to keep your blog posts interesting to keep your readers interested and even engage them in a discussion.

Audit your seo regularly

Conducting regular SEO audits on your website ensures that your website is working and performing as it is supposed to. The SEO audit will also give you clues on the problem areas that are causing the poor performance of your website. Auditing your SEO includes technical evaluation of your website’s reach and index, Google Penalty, offline and online audit and keyword evaluation.

The work of optimizing websites is very complex and involves much more than the tricks described. It is essential that you appoint only established SEO experts of reputed companies to help improve your website ranking.

Speed ​​is good

As a ranking signal, speed is actually beneficial for the UX Factor. There are some expectations for the speed of search results. For example, Google is believed to have flashed its pages within three seconds. We know that this is a difficult level. However, this is not an impossible goal. You can do a Google speed test to see the overall speed of your search result. In this way, you can see some ways by which you can speed up your search results.

Explain the quality of the content

Google has many ways to assess the quality of your information. It is very difficult to run away from not having really good content. When it comes to something called latent semantic indexing, Google uses it to view a large number of pages and keywords, after which it analyzes your connection.

It then discovers whether a piece of material is widespread. Whatever Google does next, it looks for the best performing search results and then searches for their similarities. This is done to get the best analysis of the authenticity of the information.

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