In the age of streaming apps like Spotify, owning your own music file archive is nowhere near as it was a decade ago. Nevertheless, improvements in storage technology meant that FLAC music libraries are nowhere near as taxable as they once were in the days of P2P file sharing and pirated MP3 downloads.

FLAC vs MP3 Debate is in a very different place than it was many years ago. Audiophiles often pledge the benefits of FLAC, while the main draw for MP3 has always been its overall adoption rate and managerial file size.

If you are still someone who keeps your music collection locally rather than just streaming, now is the best time to consider converting your music collection to FLAC.

What is FLAC?
FLAC, which stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, is for music files that is for TIFF image files – a bit-perfect file format for lossless music quality at half the size of a true CD rip.

FLAC has compatibility with new generation iPhones, such as iOS 11, and macOS, using QuickTime. These files can be played by downloading one of the many third-party applications on Android and Windows that support it (found further down this article).

In recent years, audiophiles and tech enthusiasts have pushed FLAC into the mainstream. Like MP3, FLAC lacks any form of DRM (digital rights management), making it the preferred file format for pirates. Practically every record label releases the music of its artists in this lossless format.

If you have a favorite mainstream artist, and even if your favorite artist is indie, there is a very good chance that you can legally purchase their music as FLACs at the same price as you would MP3 .

In the days of P2P file-sharing applications, such as Napster and LimeWire, FLAC was nowhere near as popular as MP3, due to its large file size. Today, when you can find a 128 GB flash drive for less than $ 10, file size is hardly a concern. However, to truly experience and appreciate the quality of FLAC, you will need a great set of speakers or headphones. For the untrained ear, the difference may not be very noticeable.

FLAC vs MP3: How is FLAC better than MP3?
The main reason for converting your music collection to FLAC is the upgrade in sound quality. Lossless file formats mean that you are able to experience them in the purest form, the way they were created and the way they should be played. MP3 is a lossy file format, and comes with FLAC compression that can cause some MP3 files to become distorted.

FLAC is also not limited to 16-bit CD quality. These files can be up to 24-bit / 192 kHz or “better-than-CD quality”. Uncompressed CD formats, such as CDA and WAV, provide the same true CD quality as FLAC, but neither are anywhere near as space-efficient. Although FLAC files are often about six times larger than MP3 files, they are half the size of a direct CD rip.

So, summarize: Do you have high-quality audio gear? Is storage space not a problem for you? If you answered both of those questions, then FLAC can do nothing but improve your listening experience. There’s no reason to shorten your ears with MP3s – Napster’s days are behind us!

How to play flac files
If you are running iOS 11 or above on iPhone, your device has full native support for FLAC files. Any iOS version prior to 11 must download a FLAC player from the App Store, such as VLC for Mobile, Flacbox, or VOX.

If you are running macOS, FLAC is supported natively through QuickTime Player.

Android does not currently support FLAC files as playable through any of its system apps, so third-party applications such as Android, AIMP or Pi Music Player are required.

Windows users will also need to download a third-party application to play FLAC files. We recommend VLC media player, 5KPayer, or tried and true Winamp.

How to convert FLAC files
With the recent boom in web applications, standalone Windows applications are no longer a requirement. This has led to the development of multipurpose web converters such as Zamzar — however, FLAC is one of the few common files supported by this popular service.

To convert MP3, WAV, M4A, OGG, MP2 and AMR files to FLAC, and vice versa, we have found the best solution to be an online audio converter.

To get started all you have to do is click the Open File button to open a file and locate your system for a file, or you can use Google Drive, Dropbox, or You can click on the URL link.

Next, you can convert which quality settings from 64, 128, 192, or 320 kbps.

Online Tech Tips has been around since 2007 providing readers with daily computer tips to make life a little easier. We hope you have enjoyed reading our articles over the years and they have provided value to you.

Even though we are a bit behind, online tech tips are moving towards new mediums and we are really excited to announce the creation of our YouTube channel. It has been around for some time, but we only have a video on it for 5 years!

We now have a studio and a team of content creators who are pumping out 2 videos a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they will supplement the content on the site. There are some concepts and tasks that are much better suited to video rather than text when trying to explain them.

To begin, we are going to focus on small tips, tricks and guides, just like we do here on the blog. We will get straight to the point and not bore you with too many useless restrictions that no one wants to hear. However we will throw in a little humor here and there to make things more fun.

The person who is going to be the main star in our video is Sidney Butler, one of our own writers. You can read all their articles on the site by visiting their author page.

As we are just starting our channel, it has some growing pains. We will test different formats, different topics and other variations to see what works and what doesn’t. To find out what you like the most, please leave a comment here and on our YouTube video.


If there is anything you would like us to make a video about, please leave a comment below. We do our best to make our videos that our readers and viewers really care about.

Google made a big reveal on October 27, 2019 when it announced the name “quantum domination.”

According to an article in the Nature Journal, Google says that their quantum computer, known as Sycamore, solved a particular problem in 200 seconds. By comparison, Google has said that the current classical computer in the world – the summit owned by IBM as large as two basketball courts – will take 10,000 years to solve the same problem.

This is what “quantum domination” means. This is when quantum computers – such as classical computers that we are familiar with (such as phones and laptops) follow the rules of quantum physics, which are based on classical physics, such as Newton’s laws of motion – that can do whatever is not traditional computer in a reasonable way. General Chat Chat Lounge

The problem here is that IBM responded to Google’s news by saying that in fact, the summit could solve the problem of quantum computers in two and a half days, not just 10,000 years.

In this episode of Recode’s reset podcast, quarterly math and physics magazines Ariel Duhaim-Ross and Kevin Hartnett break quantum computing and why Google is messing with IBM, and that’s no big deal.

At the most basic level we are controlling it. We are dealing with it in our own hands, and we are doing the calculations. And we’re calculating with that. It’s kind of overwhelming and the engineers are now actually jungle This is a kind of amazing, “said Hartnett.

After the episode, a dip in two drugs used for quantum computers operating around the world was discovered to break the Internet by undoing the common form of RSA encryption called drug discovery and financial modeling.

But with a very powerful quantum computer … time to break down huge numbers is really short. And that means it’s easy to find the keys you use to encrypt, and the Internet key is corrupted.” But at this point it’s still theoretical, “Duhaime-Ross explained.

Listen to their full discussion here. We also shared a lightly edited excerpt of Harnett’s conversation with Durheim-Ross below.

Ariel Duhim-Ross

The term “quantum supremacy” sounds obviously ridiculous. It always made me think that the electron was moving around the world. But people have been waiting for this for a long time. Because what Google has announced will mean a special kind of computer, called a quantum computer, that is finally doing things. Instead think …

Kevin Hartnett

… It’s been an almost legendary dream for decades. For years, we have been waiting for the announcement of quantum supremacy. Google announced this week.

Ariel Duhim-Ross

Getting bogged down with [quantum computing] is getting real, and Google and IBM, two big tech companies, are obsessed with this. But first I want to talk to you about physics. Don’t worry Because I understand you. I’m here for you. And we’re all going to do it together.

Kevin – What is a quantum computer?

Kevin Hartnett

A quantum computer is a machine that calculates using the laws of quantum physics, in my opinion, a classical computer like your phone or your desktop computer, which behaves according to the laws of classical physics. So the classical computer calculation using bits and bits can be 1 or 0.

Ariel Duhim-Ross

Basically love the base of the code.

Kevin Hartnett

Exactly. That’s the code. Now, a quantum computer does not use bits, it uses quantum bits or qubits. And these parts are created from quantum matter and can be described by one or the probability that a solid is in the state of 1 or 0, or that it is in the state of zero.

The advantage of this system is that you have several different states. When you are doing some calculations, there may be a time on your quantum computer and each of those states is assigned a task.

ADR: That’s the key. Regular computers (or computer experts called “classical computers”) like your laptop or your phone – these computers try to be the only possible way to get answers at a time. However, a quantum computer can more effectively get an accurate answer.

That’s not intuitive, so here’s a thought test: Imagine a ball and a hill. It is your job to land that ball at the base of the hill.

Kevin Hartnett

Imagine you’re at the beginning of a computer, your calculation. You are at the top of the hill and you are moving the ball over the hill.

Uber, Lyft and Dordash will submit papers for the referendum on Tuesday on the California 2020 ballot to protect app-based drivers and financing services. Voters will be asked to exempt ride-hailing companies at 5Ab, the law, which was approved by the ballot in September, outlining many aspects of TomTom’s economy.

With the exception of a few, AB5 companies need to hire workers, not as independent contractors. This is probably to thousands of California workers – Uber drivers and other jig workers who are classified as independent contractors – workers’ rights and first-time benefits.

These companies really don’t want to. Therefore, application-based driver contractors have been sued.

At a press conference announcing the ballot initiative in Sacramento on Tuesday, the company that filed the lawsuit did not find Uber and Lyft to be protected from AB5 protection. Instead, the campaign organized a bizarre coalition of ride-hailing drivers, a state chamber of commerce official and founder of Founters Against Drunk Driving.

“Our ability to maintain the flexibility of our work is in jeopardy,” said Akamine Kearney, one of the dozens of ride-hailing participants who attended the event.

As part of the ballot initiative, ride-hailing companies promise at least 2 percent more than the minimum wage for motorists, as well as c-cents per mile on clothing worn on cars. Companies pay a small amount of grants to pay for driver’s health care costs and accident insurance. It’s better than what drivers get, but far less than what they’ll get as an employee.

Meanwhile, news of the ballot initiative has surprised thousands of swords in the state that support AB5.

“After working for hours on the weekends, sleeping in our cars and living on poor wages, drivers gathered and supported AB1 from the public and lawyers. Elevator driver Eden Alva wrote that the driver, Eden Alva, wrote that Loft driver Edan Alva is claiming that he wants to spend $ 1 million to avoid liability rather than comply with the law. Alva is one of 20,6 ride-hailing drivers in the state, founded the Way-Drive Progress Coalition, a grassroots organization that represents app-based drivers.

Labor unions have also protested the decision, calling it a “corporate heel mary”.

“No corporation should rule the law, no matter how much it spends on a political campaign to rule the law,” Art Pulaski, chief executive editor of the California Labor Federation, said in a statement to Vox.

The ballot initiative is not surprising. Before the government Gavin Newsom signed IB, GIG companies alerted lawyers to their plans. Their decision to move forward with the referendum shows how much the tech companies are ready to go to prevent government control and give workers basic rights.

California AB5 bill, clarified

The California bill, known as AB5, expanded California’s Supreme Court decision last year called Dynamics. The decision and the bill suggest traders to use the so-called ABC test to determine if there are employees and employees. In order to hire an independent contractor, the business must prove that the worker is (a) free from the control of the company, b) is acting non-intermediary of the company’s business, and c) has an independent business in the industry if these three conditions are not met. They have to be classified as employees.

This is more clear than the ambiguous guidelines in federal law – and it still poses the biggest challenge to the profit model of Uber, Instacart, Postmates and other tech companies relying on a small army of independent contractors. Uber drivers have been struggling in court for years, failing that Uber will likely have to be reclassified as a staff of thousands of California drivers.

Because the bill was approved by the state legislature in May, California’s businessmen were surprised by the possibility of approval. The State Chamber of Commerce and dozens of industry groups worked to get a discount, and a long list of businesses was excluded from the bill: doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects, insurance agents, accountants, engineers, financial advisers, real estate agents and hairstylists who were in the salon. Rent a booth.

Especially Uber and Lyft were pushing for a discount on this bill. He begged the public for compromise. The companies hope to continue to consider drivers as contractors, and in return they promise to set company-backed funds for benefits such as choosing a driver’s passenger and setting a minimum wage rate, closing the pay period, and advocating for a driver.

Cloud computing seems like a foreign thing to a lot of people nowadays, but the fact is, it is one of the most important things to learn right now. This is a big thing as soon as it comes in the world of technology and internet.

In fact, a lot of companies are embracing the cloud due to the many benefits of using services. The cloud redefines business functions.

For this reason, employers want to ensure that employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to work smoothly. Of course, before one can start working in the cloud, one has to take cloud lessons first. Specialized cloud courses are offered by online platforms such as CloudAcademy, where one can get the right training and certifications.

Career and Job Opportunities

Because cloud is dominating in today’s market, there is a huge demand for cloud services. If you are looking for a job that can pave the way to a great professional career, this is the place to start. There are many job openings in different positions. Knowing cloud computing broadens your possibilities for professional development. The solution is work for architects, Linux engineers, cloud project managers, and cloud system administrators, to name just a few.

A great additional skill or knowledge

Because our world is highly technical and will certainly flow in this path, learning cloud computing gives you an additional skill that not everyone has. This adds to your list of skills that allow you to be an attractive candidate for jobs including non-IT positions. There are many opportunities for career growth. You can also find work as a marketing manager, office assistant, sales account manager or copywriter.

Good for business

Even small businesses can benefit from cloud computing. This can really have a huge impact on your business. You can use cloud computing to reduce your costs in terms of IT requirements, rack space, and even power usage. This would mean less installation and maintenance costs as well as hardware requirements.

These can help small business owners save money that would otherwise have been used for the above things. It also increases the flexibility of running a business where it is possible to access files and information from any device. In addition, your business becomes even more environmentally friendly as there is no need to use the server.

Learning cloud computing opens up many opportunities so now is a good time to take cloud courses.

Your company is recovering, but this type of mindset is not allowing you to truly grow and expand over the years. There are some specific tips that you should know about that are going to help you run a better business so that you can outrank your competitors.

It is all about being productive, efficient, and not spending a lot of your time and energy on projects that will not help you move forward. Put your efforts into focusing on the following elements, and you’ll soon find that your business starts moving in the right direction.

Design an attractive office space

You and your employees can run a better business by designing an attractive and inviting office space to work with. This includes focusing on areas such as break rooms, conference rooms and bathrooms. Check out the Partition Plus bathroom stall for the latest and greatest design, material, and color options for your space. You want to not only keep your bathrooms clean, but also up-to-date and visually appealing, especially for guests and customers.

Adopt technology solutions

Another tip for moving your business forward is to think about adopting more technology solutions. If you struggle in this area, consider hiring an IT team to help you. If you do not take advantage of these advances, you risk losing customers in your industry who are taking calculated risks when technology arrives. Focus on ways that you can not only work smartly instead of hard, but provide your customers with products and services that are truly impressive.

Digital marketing is the talk of the town since the Internet era began as companies are looking for different ways to make their online presence felt, which will help their business.

Competition to promote products is not held only in the lobby of television advertising rights or in the spaces of newspapers. Rather, the Internet has changed into an area where companies are fighting among themselves to gain the upper hand in terms of customer outreach.

The competition has been challenging for firms, as they find a way to further growth and increase revenue. While this era of digital marketing is turning into a real challenge for startups, if their digital marketing process goes wrong, their plans can be cut into the bud.

This is a big reason why digital marketing agencies are gaining so much popularity. The startup is not ready to take any chances when it comes to promotion. So, while trying to simplify our work of promoting the product on the Internet sector, let us take a look at some interesting and effective tips to develop your startup in 2020.

Great quality of content

If we say that quality of content is one of the most important factors that determine the success of your digital marketing campaign, then we are directly on the mark. Content is the heart and soul of digital notation. After all the hard work that you do to reach the target audience, if your content is not up to the mark, no one is going to pay attention to your website.

Would you like to visit a website that is full of ads and hyperlinks and has minimal content, even if it ranks among the top pages in your search results? The answer is no, whatever it is for. So, you can attract visitors or visitors to your website with a good search engine ranking, but it is not meant to give regular visitors what you are trying for. Therefore, make sure that the content you present is at the top.

Proper use of seo

Search engine optimization, known briefly as SEO, has gone on to decide the fate of some startups in recent years. Say, you write top quality content that is better than the content of any other website in the niche. When you search for a particular topic or keyword in a list, you do not find the content you are talking about.

You go to another page looking for content and you don’t even find it there. Say, the content appears on page 17 of the search, so do you think the user will scroll only 17 pages in search of your content? The answer is no, of course not. You need to serve your ingredients on a plate to visitors, always available to them whenever they want. And for this to happen, your SEO needs to be pinpointed.

Optimal use of social networking sites

Currently social networking sites are one of the best available markets for promotion. Try to make more and more nonsense on these websites and get feedback from users about what they feel about your product. Interact with them to get a better knowledge of their needs.

Video channels and embedded video access

Multimedia is a lot more attractive than plain text and is a major reason why you need to embed videos related to the subject you are writing to embed in a blog. This will make the blog attractive and bring more visitors.

Hiring a good digital marketing agency

All of the above things can be done very easily if you hire a good digital marketing agency that has the ability to do all the above things for you. So, go for a good agency, as this investment can be good for deciding the fate of your startup in the long run.

According to the rise of digital marketing and its influence in deciding the fate of startups in 2017, the impact is expected to increase further in 2018, 2019. In such a challenging environment for such an important matter, we hope that our tips will help you to help. Startup is ruling the market.

Develop link-building strategy

Know that your technical and on-page SEO is covered, it is time to focus on what happens off-site.

Link-building strategy is required for the creation of domain authority. This can be the most important step in increasing your ranking.

Local directories and social networks are a great starting point. In doing so follow the appropriate steps and you will have already established a network of links that bring traffic back to your site.

Guest posting on high-profile sites can also be powerful for building an audience. This is a chance to get your expertise in front of a large readership. Use this as an opportunity to link back to a higher ranking site.

Does your company have a bespoke SEO process? You can follow the suggestions of this guide.

How relevant is your SEO strategy? Do you have a custom-made campaign for your business, or are you using a generic template and hoping for the best?

With the fundamentals of good SEO being universal, you can actually get some good results by following a template.

However, to really make an impact, you want to create a strategy custom for your business. This will allow you to exit the competition and earn your ranking.

Principle behind the process

Before going into the steps, it is important to state what the following tips are useful. It is useful to have a quick primer on how SEO works.

There are three components that need to be seen:

Technical seo
On-page seo
Off-page seo
Technical SEO refers to a site that has been properly optimized. This includes your SSL certificate as well as mobile support.

On-page SEO refers to your content. This is your hook. Because of which your audience will keep returning to you. On-page SEO usually refers to the useful information you give.

A template can be a great guide to get you on track. You can see a proven option here. Note that, in many ways, it is about following and implementing a set of best practices.

Keep these three factors in mind when going through the following tips.

Audit your site

When was the last time you actually visited your site? When was the last time you didn’t check it, but when was the last time you saw it with fresh eyes?

Just because your layout has become familiar does not mean that it is working. Instead, think about the experiences of a new visitor.

Does the layout make sense? Is the content they are interested in easy to find? Is contact information readily available? How about newsletter sign-up?

Optimizing your site ensures that your audience can easily navigate your pages. This is your starting point.

set your goals

What do you expect from your strategy? Do you want to increase traffic? How about lead or click-through?

Knowing your expectations gives you a roadmap for creating a strategy as well as assessing your results after the fact.

Know your audience

Your audience is defined by the niche you envision. This is your starting point in learning more about them.

Look for other areas of interest crossover with your niche. Find out the most specific concerns. The more information you have on them, the better your needs will be.

Developing relevant content

List the topics that cover your area of ​​expertise. If a topic touches on subtopics, create new posts to explore those areas.

Don’t be afraid to be specific with your subjects. Not every article will serve the entire audience, but offering in-depth articles makes you more valuable to your readers’ segments.

Apply what you have learned from your customers to your research. If there is something outside your niche that interests them, see if you can find a way to tie it in with your products or services.

Research long tail keywords

Ranking on single words in your market can be impossible. These short-tail keywords are likely already overrated, making them not worth the effort.

Long-tail is a better way of ranking in keyword searches. You can improve your SEO by finding three-, four- or even five-word combinations. This makes your content more specific, which, in turn, makes it more relevant to segments of your audience.

Post content regularly

To be a reliable source of information, you need to be consistent.

Knowing how often to post can be difficult. Posting too often can cause content to burn quickly. Not posting frequently can reduce the interest of your followers.

You can assess the success of this after a few months and adjust accordingly. But this is a great start.